Book Discussion Questions

Wine in my Sippy Cup Discussion Questions
1.      Although all four of the women initially appear to have good marriages, each had its own set of problems. Do you believe in a “perfect” marriage? Who do you think had the strongest marriage?
2.      What is your definition of a successful marriage? Is there a point where you believe a marriage isn’t worth fighting for?
3.      Liz and Charlie run into each other by coincidence. Do you believe in coincidence or fate/destiny?
4.      Liz and Charlie rekindled their friendship using Facebook. Do you think it’s okay to be friends with an ex on Facebook?
5.      Liz and her friends all had children around the same age. Are friendships based upon life circumstances (having children the same ages) different from other friendships?  How do you think female friendships change throughout a woman’s life? Do they become more or less important?
6.      When Kate’s husband kisses Liz, she doesn’t tell Kate right away. Do you think this was an act of betrayal or an act of friendship?
7.      What was the significance of Liz’s passion for photography?
8.      Do you think Liz made the right decision to accept the job assignment in California?
9.      At what point does a relationship with another man constitute adultery or unfaithfulness? Do you think Liz cheated on her husband? If so, at what point?
10.  What do you think would have happened if Liz’s daughter hadn’t been injured?
11.  Do you think Liz made the right choice at the end? Why or why not?
12.  Do you think it’s possible for women to have it all (i.e. be a good mother, wife, friend, yet still find time for yourself/personal fulfillment)?
 13.  Do you think it is inevitable that women lose some of their identity when they get married?  Become a mother?  Why or why not?



Mom of 2 Boys said...

5. Yes, fortunately and unfortunately friendships are based around children and their ages and stages. Not that I ever forget my dear old friends, but it's caused me to forge into some new and rewarding friendships.

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