The book blurb is an essential part of the entire selling process for your book.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your cover is, how perfect the story is, how beautiful the interior looks, or how much time, money, and effort you’ve spent editing your book. If it has a boring description, readers are going to look elsewhere.

I have written over 100 book blurbs that help authors sell more books. Whether your book is non-fiction or fiction, suspense, mystery, general fiction, fantasy, women’s fiction, romance, children’s, crime, or memoir, I can write a professional book blurb that will grab readers and make them want to read your book.

How the Process Works

I will read through the entire manuscript of your book, picking out the details that will grab readers attention. I will also ask you a few questions at the start to get an idea of the type of blurb you are going for, and clarify any details. If you have an existing blurb, it can be helpful to include it as a reference to the type of blurb style you’re thinking of.)

I will then create a 100-250 word blurb written to sell your book that you can use on retailer websites like Amazon, or the back cover of a print book.

What Does It Cost?

For books <10k words the cost is $75.

For books 10k-50k words the cost is $125.

For books 50k-100k words the cost is $200.

For books 100k-150k words the cost is $250.

Please contact me for a quote for books over 150k words.

I also offer an express option. For an extra $75US, I can have a blurb written within 48 hours.

For more information or to book, please contact me at

Following is a small sampling of book blurbs I have written.