I've worked for over twenty years as an editor and proofreader for books (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), magazines, and businesses. A true lover of the written word, there's little I enjoy more (other than maybe a nice glass of Merlot or a Starbucks peppermint mocha) than polishing stories—both fiction and non-fiction—to make them the best they can be.

To book, contact me at debie.dove@yahoo.com.

COPY EDITING ($.013/word)

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • Incorrect word usage
  • Unnecessary words
  • Incorrect use of vocabulary, sayings, and figures of speech
  • Consistent spelling, hyphenation, numerals, and capitalization
  • Ambiguous or incorrect statements
  • Repetitions of words and phrases
  • Problems with parallel structure
  • Basic fact checking

My goal is to ensure is to improve your book and make it stronger and error free, while maintaining your unique style and voice.

Need help crafting your story? I will look at everything that is included in a copy edit, but with an eye toward the bigger picture. I will include notes regarding character developments, style, consistency, transitions, sentence structure, paragraph reorganization, chapter ending strength, plot hole fixes, plot credibility, pacing, continuity, and overall feel.

PROOFREADING ($.011/word)
This is the most basic level of checking, and is the final stage before publication. I will check for errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as watch for missing or duplicate words, and check for basic grammar mistakes or factual errors. Proofreading is not a replacement for editing, but is the final polish to make sure your book is as good as it can be, and fix any glaring mistakes that have slipped through.


"I discovered Deborah while I was working as the Managing Editor for a local Publisher. She was a freelance line and copy editor with impeccable credentials. Since then, I’ve hired Deborah to work on a variety of my own projects as a copy editor or proofer. She is thorough, efficient, and professional and has become my go-to editor when I want something done quickly and correctly." –Patricia Keelyn, author of Becca and the Beast