Private Investigators: Price vs. Cost | Vital Risk Investigations

You may be asking yourself – • How much does a private investigator charge? • How much should I pay for a background investigation? • How much does it cost to locate a missing person? Like most service industries, PIs charge either an hourly rate or a flat-rate, depending on the objective and the scope of the investigation. And while it might be tempting to pay $50 an hour for a private investigator instead of $200, shell out $10 to $20 for an online background check, or worse, conduct your own

Ten Things PI's Do on TV That You Won't Catch Me Doing | Vital Risk Investigations

Rockford Files. Magnum, P.I. Charlie’s Angels. Hart to Hart. Moonlighting. Murder, She Wrote. Remington Steele. Simon and Simon… Private investigators have fascinated American television viewers for decades. And why not? What could be more exciting than cruising around Hawaii in a red Ferrari, tracking down criminals, and solving mysteries? Well, my job certainly has its moments of excitement, and there’s nothing more satisfying than helping a client find the information they need, but in real

An In-Depth Look at How a Self-Order Kiosk Works

Imagine it’s your lunch break. You’re hungry, you have that important presentation front of mind, and you just want to grab a sandwich from your favorite local deli and get back to work. But when you get there, the line is out the door, the guy taking orders is harried and stressed, there’s a customer complaining her order is wrong, and the kitchen seems to be short staffed. What do you do? Chances are, you go somewhere else, or if you decide to stay and wait in line, you’re out of sorts and hav

Food Ordering Tech to boost Independent Sales Organizations

How do independent sales organizations (ISOs) and merchant level salespeople (MLS) make a profit in today’s market, when merchants’ focus on price is increasing and profit margins are decreasing? The solution may very well be in the palm of your hand. How? If you’re like most people, you use your smartphone for everything—maybe even reading this! No one can live without their smartphone, because it’s so much more than just a phone. A smart phone offers multiple uses. In addition to affording yo

Advocating for Children in the Collaborative Divorce Process

Advocating for Children in the Collaborative Divorce Process While divorce is often the best choice for everyone involved, including the children, the impact on them is undeniable. They are the ones who had no say in the decision, the ones who shuttle back and forth between houses and live out of a suitcase. Minimizing this impact is one of the primary benefits of the collaborative divorce process, and one of the many reasons why parents should consider it. Instead of the court deciding a “one